You've got a question! Tell us a bit about what's going on.

I don't know what to read next

If you're feeling brave, click here to put your next reading adventure in the hands of our clever booksellers.


I wrecked my friend's book and need an exact replacement

Everything is going to be ok. Fill out this form, and we'll do our very best to source an exact replica.


I can't remember the title/author/anything

Don't sweat it! We are very proud of our detective skills. Send us a quick message here.


I want to help improve accessibility at Time Out

We'd love to hear your thoughts. You can send us a message here. Thanks for helping make Time Out a better community space.


I have a question about loyalty credit

We love you for being loyal! Click here for FAQ's about our loyalty rewards scheme.

I want to use Time Out as a venue

That sounds great! Time Out is a popular venue for literary discussion groups, poetry readings and book launches. Familiarise yourself with our upstairs space, and then take a look at our availability calendar


I want to work at Time Out

Time Out is a great place to work, and our staff members tend to stick around. We're also very lucky to receive a LOT of CV's from wonderful people. If you are of university age or older, and are pursuing a career in the bookselling or publishing industries– get in touch. We might not have an opening right now, but we'll keep your details on file.

(Pro tip: Make it stand out)


I want Time Out to stock my book

Our buyers work very hard to curate the selection of books on our shelves, based on their knowledge of our customers' reading taste. If you think your book might be a good fit for us, and you have a distribution deal, please email a media release to We will be in touch if we think your book will work. 


I LOVE Time Out. How can I show my love?

We love you too. We also love baked goods and visits from puppies. And social media shout-outs.


I think a Time Out staff member has a crush on me. 

Time Out staff are renowned for their excellent customer service, so there's a very good chance they're just doing their job. Please don't add us on Facebook, invite us to your karate class or chase us into the Fraser's carpark unless we suggest it first. These boundaries help us feel a lot more comfortable in our workplace. If in doubt, refer to this handy pie chart.


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