Double Book Review: Dork Diaries: Pop Stars by Rachel Renee Russel & Grandpa's Great Escape by David Walliams by Time Out Bookstore

Young reader Jessica Shuttleworth dropped off not one, but TWO book reviews last week! She gives us her feedback on Dork Diaries: Pop Star by Rachel Renee Russel, as well as Grandpa's Great Escape by David Walliams. Thanks for your awesome input, Jessica!

"I like Dork Diaries: Pop Star because it is exciting and fun. The main characters are Nikki Maxwell, Chleoy and Zoy, Brandon, Mackenzie Hollister, and Brianna Maxwell. It is set at a fancy middle school called WCO. 

Nikki Maxwell got a scholarship to the school because her dad is their exterminator. At home her annoying sister Brianna is keeping her hands full. Meanwhile at school there is a talent competition. The school queen bee Mackenzie is bullying Nikki more than ever. Lucky her bff Chloey, Zoey, and Brandon are there to help."  

We recommend Dork Diaries: Pop Star for ages 8 - 12. 

"Grandpa's Great Escape is a great book - it is quite long. This book is about an old man who was a World War II flying ace. But when he gets confused he is sent to an old folks home. He and his grandson must make a daring plan to escape twilight towers. But the evil Marton is getting suspicious. The setting is 1983 in Britain, the main characters are Dad, Mum, Jack, Grandpa, and Marton."

We recommend Grandpa's Great Escape for ages 8 - 12. 

Breed Reads: Summer Picks inspired by Dogs at Time Out by Time Out Bookstore

If you keep up with our Instagram feed (@dogsattimeout), you are already aware that here at the bookshop we are borderline obsessed with dogs, doggos, doggerinos, schnoodles, and any other small creature that inspires a "LOOK AT THAT _____. I must go give a pat right now. BRB."  So, we thought to ourselves: what better way to honour our obsession than with a few hand-picked lists of our top summer reads, all inspired by our furry visitors?

E-'ruff said. 

by Yuli & Ian



yuli blog post january.jpg


Similar to Einstein, this floof has a killer 'do, and eyebrows to boot. It's quite possible this doggo stays up all night contemplating the universe - wearing a puppy-sized tinfoil hat - watching old episodes of Cosmos, and/or brushing up on some of the most up-to-date science reads. Join them on their quest for knowledge and dig into our picks below!



yuli blog post january3.jpg


This pup looks beat - aren't we all? The holidays have come and gone, and it seems that the general consensus is a need for rest and relaxation this summer. Well, what better way to relax than to hit the beach, and inform yourself on the current state-of-things and political turmoil?  Rosé optional.





yuli blog post january5.jpg


Had a RUFF day or feeling melan-collie? If you need a laugh, we've got you covered.






yuli blog post january7.jpg


Meet Clarice, our new intern. Clarice suggests checking out some of the strangest & quirkiest books in our inventory. Fall down the rabbit hole this summer and pick up a WILD CARD!



yuli blog post january2.jpg


We're falling pretty hard for this puppy and their soulful, dark brown eyes. If only there were a book that could match the amount of emotion we feel from gazing at this angelic dog . . .

 Below are some worthy contenders (that may make you cry, just a little).



yuli blog post january4.jpg


"What a sweet looking doggo!" you think. "Look at that cute little tail!" you say. But there may be some darkness behind that sweet face, something shadowed or mysterious we can't quite put our finger on. This list is for those who are ready to dive into a something darker: a new release crime, thriller, or dystopian novel. Just don't turn off the lights . . .



yuli blog post january6.jpg


There are no words for this fantastical creature and we're quite keen on traveling with them to an alternate reality inhabited by similar mystical doggos. Everyone at the shop would shed more than a few tears if this creature were to go the route à la Poochy



yuli blog post january9.jpg


So you want to take a walk in someone else's shoes . . .  Sadly, it might take us at least a month to brew up some polyjuice potion (sorry). While our book wizards are whipping that up in the holds cave, take a glug of a new bio or memoir.




Bestsellers for December 2017 by Time Out Bookstore

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95bFM's Loose Reads: Jenna's best of 2017! by Time Out Bookstore

Jenna's read _so_ many books this year, she's plum forgotten what she's reviewed on air. (Fair enough.) Still, never hurts to go through the choice picks of the year when the holidays are looming. Presents, anyone?

Bestsellers for November 2017 by Time Out Bookstore

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95bFM's Loose Reads: Winter by Ali Smith by Time Out Bookstore

Jenna's brings in the latest from Ali Smith, Winter, a startlingly topical piece of narrative weirdness. A favourite of the Time Out staff, Jenna offers: also a great holiday gift.

Book Review: The Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell by Time Out Bookstore

10 year old Conor Davidson-Ladd gives us his VITAL feedback on the new series by the author of How to Train Your Dragon. 

The Wizards of Once is the latest thrilling book by Cressida Cowell, writer of the best selling How To Train Your Dragon series. 

The Wizards of Once is about a powerless wizard boy called Xar who goes hunting for witches in the forest and meets Wish the young warrior princess. It's fair to say it's not love at first sight!

When Xar's pet sprite falls deathly ill, these two foes come together in a superb adventure. They have to break into Queen Sychorax's Iron Warrior fort and navigate its perilous dungeons, to save Xar's pet sprite's life.

If you loved the How To Train Your Dragon series you will adore this book too. I would recommend it for ages 7-12. 

The Wizards of Once is available now. 

Book Review: The Shop at Hooper's Bend by Emily Rodda by Time Out Bookstore

12 year old reviewer Rata, has read the latest book by a longtime favourite, Emily Rodda.

Quil Medway (her real name is Jonquil but she prefers Quil) is an eleven year old girl who was supposed to be on her way to camp, but she decides to get off the train early at a stop called Hoppers Bend. At Hoopers Bend, Quil meets all sorts of people but in particular, Bailey an bitter older woman who owns a shop that had been left to her, by her uncle. Quil also meets a little black and white dog named, pirate.

There’s something magical about the shop at Hoopers bend though, something Quil and Bailey are drawn to.

The shop at Hoopers Bend is a very cute, interesting and magical book. I would recommend it for anyone who loves books like that and is over the age of nine. A lot of events, drama happens in this book, some good, some bad, some sad and some happy.

The Shop at Hooper's Bend is available now.

We are not robots: Behind the scenes of a web order by Time Out Bookstore

Not only do we sell books from 9am - 9pm in store, we sell books online! This is what happens once you place your order via our website.



We receive a digital notification of your web order.



We pick your order from the shelf.



We package your book up with your invoice, a bookmark and some ribbon...



We pad out the package in recycled bubble wrap so it's nice and safe...



...or if you have special instructions such as gift wrapping, handwritten notes or no receipt, you just need to let us know!



We then package your purchase in recyclable, heavy weight brown paper.



Our web orders wait for the next delivery cycle.



AUCKLAND DELIVERY: Our friendly courier driver from Castle Parcels scans in the parcels. They are tracked & delivered in 1 -2 days.



OUT OF AUCKLAND: We walk your parcel to the post office & your package will be tracked and will be delivered in 3 working days.



MT EDEN DELIVERY: If it's convenient for staff, we are able to hand deliver items on the way home from work.


You can also select 'pickup' and we will hold it aside for you for the next time you're in the village.



You've shopped online AND supported your local bookstore. Warm fuzzies all round!

And there you have it, a convenient and easy way to order your Christmas presents. We are not robots, so get in touch if you need any special touches added.

Time Out's Gift Services: A customer's experience by Time Out Bookstore

Time Out Bookstore has recently started a gift service called ‘Year of Books’ and I was lucky enough to be the first person to try it out as my birthday present.

The particular arrangement for me was six books over six months so every month I have received an email to let me know that my book is ready. I could have the books delivered but I live close enough that I would just pop in to the bookstore to pick it up. The books have always been beautifully wrapped with the month, the book title and a little description written on the front.

Every book I have received has been incredibly enjoyable to read, spanning a wide variety but all fitting within my reading preference. It has been a wonderful six months as I have been introduced to some great authors, like Banana Yoshimoto and Toni Morrison, and I look forward to purchasing their other works.

It is a lovely and unique gift because it continues beyond the date you received it, such as your birthday, as you get to look forward to a gift every month or two months for the whole year following. I enjoyed it so much and I will miss it. I purchased the same service for my grandfather’s 90th birthday and I think it will make a great Christmas present for someone for sure.

Browse Time Out's range of gift services here.

Book Review: Nothing by Annie Barrows by Time Out Bookstore

A new review from our young reader on the ground, 12 year old Rata.

From the author of Ivy & Bean and the co-author of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Nothing happens in this book, there are no love triangles, no one runs away or gets murdered, there are no superheroes or super villains. This book is about two average 15 year old girls living an average life. Charlotte and Frankie (best friends) think they have a boring life but when Charlotte decides to write it all down, Frankie and Charlotte realise their life may be more interesting than they think.

This book has a good mix of drama, comedy and romance. It’s perfect for any teenager who loves these genres.

This book is great for fans of Louise Rennison.

Nothing is in stock now.


95bFM's Loose Reads: Meet Me in the Bathroom by Lizzy Goodman by Time Out Bookstore

Jenna's been living in a printed word flurry of late, but she's still had time to bring us in Meet Me in the Bathroom, Lizzy Goodman's oral history of the 2000s NYC indie music scene. A hefty tome covering The Strokes to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem to Interpol, Goodman captures a very particular scene from the mouths of the very particular characters that made it happen. But do you have to be a fan? Or does the book stand on its own?


Bestsellers for October 2017 by Time Out Bookstore

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