Info for Authors

Self Published Authors

Before you contact bookstores, we recommend listing your book on Nielsen Bookdata. Nielsen is an invaluable tool for booksellers, and it's free for you to list!

To do this, you'll need an ISBN. More info about ISBNs here.


Our buyers work very hard to curate the selection of books on our shelves, based on their knowledge of our customers' reading taste. We see thousands of new books every year and select only a small percentage to sell in store. Most of these books are ordered one at a time, and are displayed spine-out on our shelves.

With this in mind, self-published books must be really exceptional to succeed in an independent bookstore. 


If you think your book might be a good fit for us, and you have a distribution deal, please email a media release to We'll be in touch if we think your book will work. Please do not send unsolicited books to the store.



Launching a Book at Time Out

If you'd like to hold your book launch at Time Out, take a look at our upstairs space then contact Jenna at

We're also available to sell books at your event. Send some information about your needs to the email address above.