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Book Launch: Some Doors Are Best Left Closed by Trevor Prout

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Auckland author Trevor Prout is set to publish his debut book at the end of this month; Some Doors are Best Left Closed is a modern and contemporary fiction following the failed author called Joe that is as mysterious as it is an amazing read.

If you found yourself awoken from a ringing phone, a phone that wasn’t yours, would you answer it? If that ringing was coming from a room you didn’t even know existed, would you answer it?

If this ever happens to you, do not pick up that phone. Somebody should have told that to Joe, the author who finds his consolation at the bottom of a bottle. Answering that phone changed everything, and changed it in ways he would have not thought possible.

What was going to happen to him next was going to be far stranger than anything he had ever thought of writing…

Trevor Prout was born in Exeter, England in the mid-1960s, but moved to South Africa at the age of twelve. His adoration of reading blossomed when he picked up one of Ian Fleming’s classic James Bond stories on a plane. Thirty years later, he emigrated to Auckland with his family. Now he is retired and hopes to entertain people the same way the books he read did to him.

Some Doors are Best Left Closed, published by Austin Macauley. For more information, please