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Author Talk: Flow Generation by Vera Sprothen

A book that captures the spirit of our times like no other.

Remember when clouds were in the sky, phones were in the wall and work was something we ‘went to’? Technology has changed that. Secure jobs have become insecure gigs, home is where the Wi-Fi is and our boss is an algorithm.

And us? We’re all over the place, unsure about the future, because everything keeps changing faster than we can blink. Unlike our parents we have no clear idea how to make it to retirement It’s like our life has turned liquid.

How do we stay afloat in a world where all the old paths are crumbling? How will we earn money tomorrow? Is our degree still relevant? Will we ever afford a house? Have a pension? Live happily ever after?

This book is brimming with stories of people and startups who have figured it out. Original, uplifting and peppered with a pinch of philosophy, Nicoló Andreula and Vera Sprothen’s Flow Generation is a timely and colourful guidebook for our fast-paced economic reality. It shows readers how to move beyond fear and brave the unknown, as we enter a future that seems more unpredictable than ever – and yet it’s better than we think.



Vera Sprothen is a German-Australian journalist and economist with a passion for surfing and untangling the complexities of labour markets. As a reporter with some of the world’s largest publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Wirtschaftswoche, DIE ZEIT and ELLE, she has written numerous features about the working lives of people around the globe, from Ukrainian day labourers in Germany to vanilla farmers in Tonga. For this book, she recalled her own gig economy experience – as a pizza delivery driver, tobacco vendor and promotion girl – from the days when your mobile phone was still dumb and the internet only a few pages long. Vera holds a Master in Economics and Politics from University of Cologne and is a graduate of Holtzbrinck School for Business Journalists. She is now working in Sydney as a freelance writer, editor and surf instructor helping people find their flow in life.