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Author Talk: The World Beyond the Stairs: Mary's Journey by J.T. Grainger

J.T. Grainger is a new fantasy/science fiction author based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In his spare time, he works in public education and provides support and services to students with special needs. He holds a degree from Indiana University, loves traveling and spent a period of eight years writing and revising the manuscript for his four-part fantasy fiction series, The World Beyond the Stairs.

On her drive home from work, Mary Reynolds is caught in a horrific ice storm and takes refuge at her grandmother's house for the night. Unbeknownst to her, she opens an invisible passageway to a strange new world called Divinity. In this wondrous land, adults resemble children and all living creatures communicate through a special telepathic bond. Unfortunately, Divinity is governed by Count Devursuraac who rules with an iron fist as he challenges all those who refuse to follow his unjust laws. As Mary discovers the beauty and horrors of Divinity, she and her companions search for a way that will take her back home to her husband and children. Reality or a dream? You decide.

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