We'll make a bespoke bundle just for you, or you can browse below for inspiration.

Every bundle is carefully chosen by our team of bibliophiles, to leave readers with that magical, heart-fluttery, anything-is-possible new book feeling.

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Kids Bundles

launching pad.jpg

Time to level up! Tell us what your kiddo's loving right now, and we'll use it as inspiration for a pile that pushes their reading further.


3 books $60 | 5 books $90 | 8 books $145

Order The Launching Pad

series starter.jpg

Are they reading faster than you can get to the bookstore? Stockpile their library with a series! This bundle includes Book #1 from a bunch of our favourites, to bust their reading world wide open.

3 books $60 | 5 books $90 | 8 books $145

Order The Series Starter


Bugs. Trucks. Dentistry. We've seen it all. Indulging weird obsessions is a great way to get reluctant readers hooked. Just give us a theme and we'll go nuts.

$60-$145 depending on your reader

Order Indulge an Obsession

Maybe it's beautiful pictures that make your reader's face light up. Let us assemble our most spectacular illustrated works for your visual learner. The level of complexity is up to you. 

$60-$145 depending on your reader

Order Graphic Novels & Comics


They're reading way beyond their age. Let us choose our favourite new releases from the Confident Readers section: perfect content for under-twelves who read like over-twelves.


3 books $60 | 5 books $90 | 8 books $145

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Stand-out, standalone mysteries that you'll want to read too. These are not your regular whodunnits. Strictly limited to tales that kept our children's team guessing, you'd better have your wits about you.

3 books $60 | 5 books $90 | 8 books $145

Order The Mystery Club

Are they a coder? A Chemist? A budding engineer? This bundle includes a perfect mixture of practical activities and mind-bending fiction. 


$60-$145 depending on your reader

Order Books for Brainiacs


Books that teach you how to do something are one of the cleverest tools to get a practical kiddo reading. Choose from crafty, foodie, sciencey or request something entirely unique. 

$60-$145 depending on your reader

Order Practical, Please


Library Starters


Assembled with a new baby or very special birthday in mind, our Library Starter bundles give young people everything they need to set out on a lifelong reading adventure.


Empathy. Bravery. Ingenuity. The world needs more of all three! One of our most treasured bundles, this will fill a bookshelf with diverse and inspiring role-models. Make it a go-to gift year on year: we'll choose content that grows up with them.

Set your own budget
 from $90

Order Grow a Great Kid



Everything you need to foster Maori language in your home. Includes translated favourites alongside contemporary gems. A beautiful gift for fluent speakers and learners alike.

Set your own budget
 from $90

Order Taonga o Te Reo Maori

the collected works.jpg

Give a collection of your favourite childhood author. We'll include all the classics and uncover some lesser known treasures that might even be new to you!

Set your own budget
 from $90

Order The Collected Works


Fill their shelves with literature's most sumptuous fantasy worlds. An adventure from the Faraway Tree to Neverland, via Diagon Alley, The Shire, Earthsea and beyond. 


Set your own budget
 from $90

Order Adventure's Call


Is your kiddo dealing with specific adversity?
Let us create a bundle that reflects them!


A bookshelf that shatters the Bechdel Test.
Can you think of a more incredible gift than a library of legendary females? We can't.

Set your own budget
 from $90

Order Heroines

Strangely wonderful picture books you've probably never heard of— chosen by our children's buyer, Cait

Set your own budget
 from $90

Order The Strange Library


Adult Bundles


time out.jpg

Includes a selection by each of our incredible staff, including a note on why they love it so!

3 books $90| 5 books $150 |8 books $240

Order Time Out Book Club


A sample of NZ's best new fiction or non-fiction reads, curated by our Jenna — who has previously judged the fiction category for Ockham New Zealand Book Awards.

3 books $110| 5 books $180 |8 books $285

Order Read Aotearoa

best of the year.jpg

Award winners and under-the-radar gems. We'll assemble the year's highlights into a bundle of essential reading.

3 books $90| 5 books $150 |8 books $240

Order Best of the Year

For philosophers, artists and scientists: a blend of experimental fiction and urgent non-fiction writing. 

3 books $110| 5 books $180 |8 books $285

Order The Thinker

graphic novels.jpg

No capes around here— these comics are all grown up. Chosen by our most astute graphic novel geeks, Cait and Ian. 

2 books $85| 4 books $170 |6 books $250

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serial thrillers.jpg

A pile of crime reads for the serious thrill seeker. We only include new releases in this one, so even fiendish readers will be catered to.

3 books $110| 5 books $180 |8 books $285

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not fiction.jpg

Fascinating, out-of-this-world non fiction— ideal when they're really hard to buy for.
We'll select a mixture of true stories, popular science and current affairs.

3 books $90| 5 books $150 |8 books $240

Order I Can't Believe It's Not Fiction