Guest Review: 4 Young Adult Novels with Shania Kumar / by Time Out Bookstore

Shania Kumar is one of our enthusiastic customer reviewers. Check out what she's been reading lately below.

LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff

Eve Carpenter lives in the Dregs, an island junkyard filled with rubbish, danger and TROUBLE. After losing her beloved robot gladiator Miss Combobulation in a Dome fight against a robot. Eve unlocks her powers and realises that she can kill robots and machinery by the will of her mind. On the run from Gangs and the Brotherhood, an organisation against ‘freaks’ like Eve, Eve comes across a lifelike robot, Eziekel who she seems to remember. With the help of Eziekel, her Grandpa, best friends Lemon Fresh and Cricket and trusty dog, Kaizer, Eve escapes death on numerous occasions. Eve’s life changes once again when Eve gains access to memories of her past as Ana Monrova and struggles to deal with her families loss and betrayal by the lifelike’s that her father created. This book captivated me the instant I started reading as it vividly describes the technological advancements but at the same time exposes the appalling environment that the world is facing. I really enjoyed not knowing what to expect when reading this book and anyone who loves the Bladerunner, Divergent, X-Men or Romeo and Juliet should definitely give this book a try.

How To Hang A Witch by Adriana Mather

Samantha Mather is your typical teen with sarcastic catch phrases on hand and a curious and strong willed personality. Her life ultimately changes once her Father enters a coma and Samantha and her step-mom then decide to move to Salem, her father’s home town. Witches, spells and a morbid curse greet her as she struggles to find the key to save her Father and unlock her families curse. Which is intertwined with the Salem Witch Trails, which occurred over 300 years ago. Along the way, Sam creates special bonds with the boy next door, Jaxon and the ghost which haunts her home, Elijah. I enjoyed how the novel portrayed both Samantha’s daily teenage life as well as her hunt to stop her families curse. I found it interesting that the author was actually talking about her family and their involvement in the Salem Witch trails in the novel, which made you want to read the book more. How to Hang A Witch is a thrilling read which will leave you questioning if there really are such things as supernatural beings!

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

In the small town of Sparrow all is not as it seems. Every summer, three sisters who were murdered 200 years ago return to their hometown and possess three unlucky girls all in the name of revenge. The three Swan sisters lure unsuspecting boys out into the ocean and vengefully drown them as an act of revenge towards the town for their wrongful deaths and accusation of being witches. A night before the sisters return, Penny Talbot a local seventeen year old girl runs into Bo Carter who hides his true purpose for coming to Sparrow. Join Penny as she uncovers the Swan Sisters story and realises that she is more connected to them than she thought. The Wicked Deep takes you on an emotional roller coaster which leads you to discover many hidden truths about the town and the Swan Sisters. This book is recommended for all paranormal book lovers and will fully transport you to the town of Sparrow.

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

Join Catarina Agatta, a seventeen year old genius hacker on a quest to find the antidote to save the world from the deadly Hydra plague. Before Catarina’s father, the world renowned  geneticist Dr Laclan died, he devised a set of clues to help Cat find the vaccine. To find the vaccine against the Hydra infection, Cat must come out from hiding from the Cartaxus organisation. The organisation which killed her father and Cat has to enter the Hydra infested world where Lurkers (dangerous cannibalistic humans) and toxic Hydra clouds loom. With the help from her lethal companion Cole and brilliant coder Dax, she sets off to uncover the vaccine to save the world. On her search for the antidote Cat discovers deadly secrets which questions if her father is dead and who she thinks she is. I loved how this book has incredible plot twists which you do not see coming and creates a graphic parallel universe which you feel you are a part of.