BOOK OF THE MONTH: February 2019 / by Time Out Bookstore

For the Good Times
David Keenan

Time Out Bookstore is thrilled to introduce you to our Book of the Month for February For the Good Times by David Keenan, a harshly brutal but also romantic and sometimes comic insider’s account of The Troubles in 1970s Belfast.

It follows a sharp-suited, Perry Como and family-loving Provisional IRA gang and is told as a compelling oral history by Sammy, a Republican foot soldier as he looks back on what he ironically calls his “happy days.” The novel charts the lads as they carry out business in a Mickey Mouse decorated van and take over a comics shop amongst a backdrop of violence, arms raids and explosions.

Exhilarating and phantasmagorical, this cold-eyed novel with a wild and loyal heart is volatile and vividly realised.