Book Review: The Shop at Hooper's Bend by Emily Rodda / by Time Out Bookstore

12 year old reviewer Rata, has read the latest book by a longtime favourite, Emily Rodda.

Quil Medway (her real name is Jonquil but she prefers Quil) is an eleven year old girl who was supposed to be on her way to camp, but she decides to get off the train early at a stop called Hoppers Bend. At Hoopers Bend, Quil meets all sorts of people but in particular, Bailey an bitter older woman who owns a shop that had been left to her, by her uncle. Quil also meets a little black and white dog named, pirate.

There’s something magical about the shop at Hoopers bend though, something Quil and Bailey are drawn to.

The shop at Hoopers Bend is a very cute, interesting and magical book. I would recommend it for anyone who loves books like that and is over the age of nine. A lot of events, drama happens in this book, some good, some bad, some sad and some happy.

The Shop at Hooper's Bend is available now.