Book Review: The Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell / by Time Out Bookstore

10 year old Conor Davidson-Ladd gives us his VITAL feedback on the new series by the author of How to Train Your Dragon. 

The Wizards of Once is the latest thrilling book by Cressida Cowell, writer of the best selling How To Train Your Dragon series. 

The Wizards of Once is about a powerless wizard boy called Xar who goes hunting for witches in the forest and meets Wish the young warrior princess. It's fair to say it's not love at first sight!

When Xar's pet sprite falls deathly ill, these two foes come together in a superb adventure. They have to break into Queen Sychorax's Iron Warrior fort and navigate its perilous dungeons, to save Xar's pet sprite's life.

If you loved the How To Train Your Dragon series you will adore this book too. I would recommend it for ages 7-12. 

The Wizards of Once is available now.